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Name:Bulletin Board Systems
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Community description:Before there was dialup, there was the BBS
In the days of Wargames and TRON, it was the Bulletin Board System that truly ruled over cyberspace.

Equalizer BBS main menu screenshot

See the documentary for a visual romp through the history of the BBS.

Connect to a BBS yourself! Try one from a list of telnet, dialup, and web-enabled BBSes. Some good cross-platform BBS clients out there include SyncTERM (GPL), Qodem (GPL), and ZOC (shareware).

Or connect people still in the BBS scene. More info here or here. Add your knowledge to the BBS Wiki.

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1200, 2400, 300, 9600, anarchy, ansi, ansi.sys, apple, art, atari, baud, bbs, bulletin board system, c, citadel, compuserve, cracks, dialup, door games, doors, dove-net, eternal september, fidonet, g-files, gif, hacking, kermit, l.o.r.d., modem, pcboard, phrack, phreaking, pkzip, programming, qmodem, qodem, renegade, shareware, ssh, synchronet, syncterm, t.a.g., tbbs, telemate, telix, telnet, terminate,, the bbs documentary, tradewards, wildcat, wwiv, xmodem, ymodem, zines, zmodem
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