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Welcome to the first post of the Dreamwidth BBS community. Unlike other communities and sites that are focused on reminiscing the past, this community is dedicated to BBSes as they are TODAY. The BBS Documentary (viewable online here) has a few minutes dedicated to the current scene in its episode "No Carrier" (Disk 3 or Episode 7), but did not provide much in the way of how to find the living BBSes.

If you want in, start here: Vertrauen (HTML) or Vertrauen (Telnet). Vertrauen is the home BBS of "digital man" (Rob Swindell), author of Synchronet, one of the most advanced BBS systems still under active development. Vertrauen is linked into both Fidonet and DOVE-Net, from which one can find many other BBSes.

Modern BBS systems like Synchronet and Citadel still support the text interface via telnet, ssh, rlogin, and dialup, but they also sport web interfaces. Citadel's in particular is designed to be a drop-in groupware solution that looks somewhat like a web version of Outlook, Kontact/Kmail, or Novell's GroupWise, but is very lean and mean. (Either would be a great for a small business that needs group collaboration but doesn't want to commit the beefy hardware or expensive professional IT costs associated with a full backend server solution.)

If you want to see Vertrauen in its text-mode glory, check out SyncTERM or qodem. Both are cross-platform Mac/Windows/Linux programs that have good BBS-era emulation and support for file transfers.
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